About Us

Who we are?

Golf Andalucía is a project developed by Golf in Spain®. Golf in Spain® is a registered trademark of El Sur Existe s.l., a company with its headquarters in Fuengirola, Málaga, southern Spain. Since 2000 we have been a registered travel agent (C.I.AN 29774-2) with all the legal guarantees that the Spanish Law of Combined Trips (Ley de Viajes Combinados) provides to clients, including a guaranteed liability coverage for you of up to €100,000. GolfinSpain.com was a pioneer in its sector, one of the first golf-themed websites in the world. With over 200,000 golf reservations having been processed through our systems and a list of clients that exceeds 32,000, both from within Spain and worldwide, our two decades of operation is your guarantee of efficiency when planning your holiday. We offer all kinds of golf-related services to travellers around the world, as well as specialised consultancy and marketing services to international companies.